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Complete Swagbucks Guide

As I’ve shown in my past few income reports, there are lots of little ways to make a few extra bucks online. One that is pretty simple is Swagbucks. Swagbucks is in the category of Get-Paid-To sites, where you get paid for doing little tasks like searching the web, watching videos, or completing offers. I’ve created this guide to Swagbucks for people looking to maximize their earnings or who are checking it out the first time.

If you are thinking about trying out Swagbucks, I would appreciate you using my referral link.

I started using Swagbucks last November, and in 7 months I have received $185 in Amazon gift cards. I dedicate myself to Swagbucks off and on, some days I won’t touch it, some days I will hit a goal.

Swagbucks are awarded for these tasks and then you can cash them out in different ways but really the gift cards are the best value. a $5 Amazon gift card is 450 Swagbucks and all other gift cards are $5/500 Swagbucks value. For the sake of easy conversion, assume each Swagbuck equals a penny. You can redeem 5 of each reward per month, and 2 per day. When I hit my 5 Amazon card limit for the month, I’ll either save them for the next month or try stockpiling them for a $25 Paypal card, but I’ve never hit that high yet.

Swagbucks can be a little confusing for people new to it. There is a lot going on, so I decided to screenshot the homepage and explain how I use it to make money online.



1. Hitting the Swagbucks Daily Goals

Every day Swagbucks has a new daily goal. If you hit the daily goal, you get a 10% bonus for the day at the end of the month. The goals range from 60 Swagbucks to 130 Swagbucks and you don’t know what it is going to be ahead of time. Typically it will be lower on weekends because they will have less offers and bonuses going on. You can view the daily goal in the left hand column of the main screen.

Hitting consecutive daily goals will sometimes earn you extra bonuses, (25 Swagbucks for 7 days in a row, 100 for 14 days, 200 for 21 days and 300 for the whole month). I did this for a few months straight, but now I think it is not worth the extra effort, even if you hit every day it is only an extra $3 per month.

Typically, I will hit the daily goal and then stop Swagbucks for the day. The 10% bonus is only for the amount of the daily goal, so going beyond that actually has diminishing returns.

Swagbucks Mobile Apps

Not on the homepage but this is currently my biggest earner and it is the easiest way to get Swagbucks. There are 2 mobile apps, Swagbucks TV mobile and EntertaiNOW. Both of these apps work in the same way, but earn different amounts. I have earned everything through Android on my Samsung Galaxy S3, but it seems to be the same on Apple devices as well. The biggest tip with these apps is to make sure you are on Wifi, as both as streaming videos and will use your data up quick.

The main Swagbucks mobile TV app rewards you 2 SB for every 5 videos you watch. The videos automatically advance to the next one and occasionally advertisements are shown. You can earn 50 SB a day this way. I choose to watch the comedy videos because they are the shortest. It takes about 2 hours of running the app to hit 50 SB.

The secondary app is called EntertaiNOW. This was just launched last month and I believe it is only for Android devices right now. The setup is exactly the same as the ¬†other app, except you get 2 SB per 10 videos and the daily limit is 26 SB. I don’t use this app as often.

2. To Do List

These are the easiest Swagbucks to get and they are available to everyone, every single day. I don’t like installing toolbars, but if that is your thing, you get 1 SB per day just for doing that.

The daily poll is worth 1 SB per day and it is a simple one question thing. Sometimes after you answer if there will be a bonus offer to watch a video or visit a website for more Swagbucks. Sometimes these bonus videos will have a green button in the lower right hand corner. I will keep viewing the different videos/websites until it doesn’t offer me anymore because generally they are one of the best time for Swagbucks offers available.

NOSO stand for No Obligation Special Offers and it is worth 2 sB per day. Basically it shows you a few pages of offers and you just have to click “continue” or “skip” until it rewards you the Swagbucks.

3. Search and Win

Swagbucks has their own search bar that will randomly award Swagbucks prizes. I’ve won anywhere from 6 SB to 49 SB for making a search. Sometimes I will win on the first search and sometimes I will perform many searches and not win at all. I’ve never won more than 3 times in a day.

4. Latest Earning Opportunities

Here on the homepage of the site, you will see many, many offers listed. These are aggregated from the different areas of the site. Some will be bonus videos to watch, some will be different offers to complete, and some will simply be links to the standard video links or surveys offered on different parts of the site. I usually look for videos to watch or bonus offers that are simple. These change throughout the day, but I usually try to log on right after midnight when things reset and there seems to be more.

Some offers out there require purchases or signing up for a service. I rarely do these. I don’t believe in spending money to make money, but some of them are great deals if it is something that you would have bought in the first place. You don’t need to spend a penny to use Swagbucks, so always keep that in mind.

5. Inbox

Like the offers on the main page, they will send more offers directly to your inbox. Again, I try to focus on videos or free offers that don’t take much time. These do expire so if you see one you want to take advantage of, you should probably do it.

6. Swagcodes

Almost every day, Swagbucks offers bonus codes that you can enter to get more Swagbucks. They will post these to their Facebook, Twitter, blog and toolbar, and you don’t usually get advanced notice from them. There are sites, which follow things closely and post the codes when they are available.

Always take advantage of a code if you see it posted somewhere, it takes 2 second to enter them and it’s worth 2-10 SB. They are usually good for a few hours. From my experience, days with a higher daily goal will usually have more Swagcodes.

7. Games

Swagbucks has a variety of flash games available to play and they will reward you for playing them as well. You can earn 10 SB per day from games. They are usually awarded at a rate of 2 SB every 2 games you play, but this can change as well.

8. Swagbucks TV

Swagbucks TV is a collection of short videos in a variety of categories. You earn 3 SB for every 10 videos you watch, and can earn up to 150 SB every day. You only get paid for watching each video once per day. I don’t do the videos very often because they can take a while but I will use it if I only need a few more that day to meet my goal.

9. Shopping

Swagbucks has its own shopping portal. You can earn Swagbucks by using their links, and get a percentage of your purchase back. These can’t be combined with any other offers. I haven’t used this yet, but if you are going to be shopping online anyway, you might as well check it out.

They also have a collection of coupons that you can print and redeem at some stores, and they will give you Swagbucks after you use them. I’ve never done it so I’m not entirely sure how it works.


Finally there are surveys. For some reason, this is a category that a lot of people focus on when using Swagbucks, but I don’t do them. If you are looking to make money filling out surveys, there are places that pay significantly better. My other issue with surveys at Swagbucks is that often you will spend a lot of time on them and they kick you out saying that you don’t qualify and you don’t earn anything. That’s not right in my opinion and like I said, there are much better places to take surveys. I currently exclusively take surveys are mTurk, which I can write a guide to one of these days as well.

So yep, that’s about it about earning at Swagbucks.

As you can see, using these different categories, it’s not extremely difficult to hit the goals. The best thing about earning at a site like this is it require no commitment and anyone can do it. I usually keep the Swagbucks homepage open in a different tab and click over and do something every once in a while. Trying to hit the daily goal in one fell swoop is pretty difficult, so I use the site in between breaks from other online work. If I’m going to be on my computer already, why not?

Sign up for Swagbucks here. This is my affiliate link, if you choose to use it, Thank You.

Does anyone have any questions about Swagbucks?

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